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We practise traditional aikido combined with a comprehensive use of weapons, including bokken, jo, tanto and katana.

john langley
Sensei John Langley. Subiaco PCYC 2001.

In keeping with the traditions of aikido, Sensei John's focus is now on teaching and maintaining the original and effective style of O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, which we call Doryoku Aiki-Budo.

His focus is dominant on maintaining a martial art that is both, soft and powerful conbined with all techniques of aikido. Sensei John is constantly teaching the need to understand the basics and master them.

The Institute has three dojos in Western Australia: East Perth, Bridgetown, Kokoro Aikido Dojo , one in Adelaide, South Australia: GRIFFIN Aikido and one in Ballarat, Vic. .



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